The Seven Deadlies
The Seven Deadlies is hard driving, black comedy that follows the intersecting paths of seven troubled souls, each dogged by a deadly sin, and all sharing more in common than merely a penchant for self destruction. Life in the "Valley" gets complicated when these recovering addicts mistake their personal agendas as directives from their Higher Power. Who knew the path to love, truth and forgiveness could get so ugly? But with a little luck, these quirky strangers just might find their way to redemption. Maybe…
Charles studied English Literature at the University of Delaware...
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Charles Stafford

Our Green Living Mission

Samuel Tillingham breached the surface with momentum enough to carry his bulky torso up onto the poolside. He stood in her sun until she sat up.
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Much Ado About Renaldo

It was too damn hot to be sitting at Nina’s table, which was one of those hip, modern jobs, slick and hard and crammed into her shoebox apartment.
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Green Like Money

He had tried, but there was no talking her out of the pinewood casket.
“Okay, Mom, how about the Rosewood Legacy?”
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Chickens And That Human Condition

And so the man speaks his evil in the room and says that the body of Christ tastes like chicken. He is a liar.

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